Leelee Chan

Leelee Chan

Trained as a painter, with degrees from the Rhode Island School of Design and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Leelee Chan is now best known for her sculpture, which investigates the status and value of industrial and everyday objects by repurposing them into installations that subvert their original form and intention. In 2020, Chan was chosen as Hong Kong representative for the BMW Art Journey, a prestigious grant that culminated in an exhibition at Art Basel in Hong Kong the following year.

Her work has been shown at international exhibitions, ranging from the X Museum Triennial in Beijing to KölnSkulptur #10 in Cologne, Germany, and also sits in the JP Morgan Chase Art Collection. She’s been featured in the Financial Times, Frieze and Artforum.


Turning trash to treasure – literally. Many of the found objects used within Chan’s sculptures are scavenged from the streets of Hong Kong, salvaged during her commute around the city and chosen precisely for their mundanity. Her goal in “rescuing” these items is to create new meaning and value for them, ultimately exploring the arbitrary way in which we assign value to objects based on their context.


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