Mariana Lam

Mariana Lam

Wine-trader and serial entrepreneur Mariana Lam founded WineWorld in 2008 and, over the past decade, has successfully expanded the bricks-and- mortar concept into an award-winning trading platform equipped with big- data analysis and artificial- intelligence functions.

As a leading figure in the sector, she’s represented the local wine trade as a supporter of Hong Kong’s role as Asia’s wine hub on several occasions. Lam is Permanent Honorary President of the Golden Bauhinia Women Entrepreneur Association and holds directorships in various philanthropic organisations, including the Overseas Teo Chew Entrepreneurs Association, the Hong Kong Federation of Women and the Federation of Hong Kong Chiu Chow Community Organisations. Locally, she’s an outspoken supporter of women and children rights.


With a vision that goes beyond her passion for wine as a pleasure, Lam continues to promote it as a liquid asset that can connect industry players, wine lovers and connoisseurs on a global scale through technology and innovation.


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