May Chow

May Chow

Celebrated for her innovative and yet respectful approach to Chinese and Cantonese cuisine, May Chow is one of Hong Kong’s and Asia’s most recognisable female chefs. After opening the now-famous Little Bao back in 2013, Chow was named Asia’s Best Female Chef 2017 and appeared in many international culinary shows, including Top Chef in the US, MasterChef Asia and UK, and Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown. Her second restaurant, SoHo’s trendy Happy Paradise, was mentioned in Time magazine’s “World’s Greatest Places 2018”.

One of the leading voices of a new generation of Asian chefs, Chow is admired for her pursuit of both progress and preservation. Through her passion and commitment to pay tribute to local culture through food, Chow is involved in many initiatives to support the community. She’s currently on the board of the international non-profit organisation Eat Forum and is an avid supporter of LGTBQ rights in Hong Kong.


Through her concepts and dishes, Chow has embarked on a journey that transcends the culinary world but aims to connect different cultures and generations.


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