Patricia Ho

Patricia Ho

Founder of the Hong Kong Dignity Institute and the Patricia Ho & Associates law firm, and principal lecturer at Hong Kong University’s Faculty of Law, Patricia Ho is a dedicated campaigner for the rights of marginalised communities in Hong Kong, including asylum-seekers, refugees, victims of human trafficking and discrimination, and women and child victims of domestic abuse and violence.

She founded the Hong Kong Dignity Institute, which is aimed at restoring dignity to the most vulnerable in society, as well as dismantling systems of exploitation that lead to abuse. Ho was named a Hero in the 2020 Trafficking in Persons report and helped draft a 2019 Bill making human trafficking and forced labour criminal offences in Hong Kong. She also works with HKU students on an interdisciplinary and trauma-informed approach to working with the vulnerable, and is in communication with the government on ways to help victims of trafficking in Hong Kong.


Shaking up the status quo. “Since becoming a mother to three,” she says, “I’ve also become passionate about challenging the mould of what a mother and pastor’s wife should look like …that’s right, I said ‘pastor’s wife’!”


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