Siew Ng

Siew Ng

A professor at the Department of Medicine and Therapeutics and director of the Microbiota I-Centre (MagIC) at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Dr Siew Ng has been recognised with a Croucher Senior Medical Research Fellowship, a Sachar Visiting Professorship and a Sir Francis Avery Jones Visiting Professorship. Ng has also received four consecutive Exemplary Teaching Awards. Born in Malaysia and trained in medicine in London, she developed her professional and entrepreneurial career in Hong Kong. When it comes to her clinical practice, she follows this mantra: “Medicine is science and art combined to provide the best care to my patients.” Recently she co-founded GenieBiome, which is aimed at becoming a leader in the development of diagnostics and therapeutics based on the gut microbiome. Her hefty credentials aside, Ng has a “work hard, play hard” ethos, balancing both with her responsibilities as a mother of two children. “In my spare time, I love painting … with a glass of red wine,” she says.


If she had a superpower, it would be to attract the best minds into science, joining a quest for the next breakthrough and discovery – or, as she puts it, “Inspiring the next generation to turn their aspiration to reality.”


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