Sonia Wong

Sonia Wong

A gender-studies scholar who teaches at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Sonia Wong founded Reel Women Hong Kong in 2013 to support gender awareness through film, showcasing work by female filmmakers. In 2018, she co-founded the Women’s Festival, whose programme focuses on current topics as seen through the female point of view, which held its fourth edition earlier this year. She contributes to a variety of community initiatives and sits on committees for the migrant-worker solidarity outfit One Billion Rising Hong Kong, Gay Games Hong Kong, the migrant women’s crisis shelter Bethune House, and Migrants’ Pride. She was awarded the Happy Homes Award 2021 from the Mission for Migrant Workers, and is also a writer, poet, curator and visual artist who dreams of the day she can retire from advocacy work and teaching gender studies because it’s no longer needed.


Paradoxically angry and positive, Wong is passionate about her causes and straddles binaries as she breaks them down. She loves Vogue as much as she admires Foucault, and is able to take an academic approach to pop-culture issues just as she can find mainstream narratives within the more sophisticated subject matter, making her an intellectual force to be reckoned with.


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