Thierry Chow

Thierry Chow

Feng shui designer Thierry Chow is the modern face of an ancient tradition. “I established a brand and concept called Go Lucky, a creative expression of how feng shui encompasses both the emotional and the physical, and can be used in all aspects of design, including interiors and fashion,” she says. “I also created the Go Lucky Method – nine easy feng shui steps that everyone can practice in their space.”

A graduate in illustration from Sheridan College in Toronto, who never thought she’d enter this field, Chow began studying the practice with her father, Master Chow Hon Ming, in 2011. She says the “cosmos – or fate” – intervened. “One day, as I was hanging out with my father, the idea of combining feng shui and design came to me. Nothing ever felt so right.” She plans to apply for a Master of Buddhist Studies, learn more of the philosophy and dabble in the art of thangkas (painting on cotton and silk appliqué).


Chow aims to make mindful awareness of our living and working environments a global phenomenon. “I’d like to take Go Lucky global and spread positivity through feng shui,” she says.


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