Veronica Chou

Veronica Chou

President of Novel Fashion Investments, Veronica Chou grew up witnessing the pollution caused by the clothing industry. Intrigued by the potential of science and deeply aware of the body ideals implanted by the fashion industry, Chou founded eco- innovative, size-inclusive womenswear brand Everybody & Everyone. She was also a major investor in the Karl Lagerfeld brand, which she helped grow into a profitable global fashion and accessories business.

Chou invests into a wide range of businesses, focusing on fashion and materials tech, sustainability and climate tech. She was also president of Iconix China from 2008 to 2015, successfully bringing 12 mass-market American brands to the mainland and opening more than 1,000 stores, and is a special advisor to the Copenhagen Fashion Summit.


Being the mother of twin boys, Chou’s secret of success is to spread love, do good and live sustainably. As to her future goals, she says, “I believe in a world where we can have convenience and be sustainable at the same time. A world that can regenerate while we live life.”


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