Yenn Wong

Yenn Wong

Singapore-born Yenn Wong is the mastermind behind award-winning hospitality sensation JIA Group, which counts 12 venues in Hong Kong. After graduating from the University of Western Australia and starting her career in hospitality at the age of 23, she founded JIA in 2010. Ranging from Michelin-star restaurants, such as Louise and Andō, to trendy eateries like Potato Head Hong Kong, over the years the group has brought to life some of our city’s most successful and popular venues. Meaning “home” in Mandarin, JIA has been praised for creating authentic and stylish concepts. A key leader in contemporary hospitality, Wong was named one of Asia’s Best Young Entrepreneurs by Businessweek in 2008 and among the top three finalists for the Rising Star Award in the Financial Times RBS Coutts’ Women in Asia Awards 2009. Additionally, she was named Restaurateur of the Year by WOM Guide in 2014 and an Outstanding Women Entrepreneur by the Asean Women Entrepreneurs Forum 2015.


In just 10 years, Wong has established JIA as the epitome of contemporary hospitality based on originality and excellence in a dining scene where standing out has become increasingly hard.


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