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Albert Surjaudaja

Albert Surjaudaja

Co-founder and CEO of IDEAL

Anyone who has gone to the process of applying for a mortgage in Indonesia knows that a lot of things are still done manually and that the experience can sometimes be quite painful. Out of this observation, Albert Surjaudaja and his partner founded IDEAL, a digital mortgage platform with the sole purpose of making the process of applying for a mortgage as easy as ordering lunch through an app. “That is what we are hoping to solve through our digital platform. Our vision is that a home is a fundamental necessity for Indonesian people – and our objective is to make it easy for people to achieve this,” Albert elaborates.

The idea behind IDEAL, according to Albert, is very simple. It is to help Indonesian people achieve their ideal lives. And the way IDEAL does that is by making responsible lending more easily accessible. “Our mission is to help consumer lending become much more efficient and effective, and therefore unlocking the growth potential of Indonesia – and at the same time granting the Indonesian people the financial power to achieve their ideal lives,” Albert notes.

Being able to start IDEAL was a huge milestone for Albert. While he still feels that the journey is still in its infancy, Albert has his eyes on a definite goal. “Without doubt, my aim is to make a significant and far-reaching change not only in Indonesia, but hopefully the world. I truly believe that when you can, or have the means, to make a positive impact for others, it is your moral responsibility to do whatever you can to make that happen,” Albert expresses. “For the foreseeable future, this means giving everything I have to make IDEAL’s vision come true – making it easy for people to get their ideal home, which is a key step in the overall prosperity of the Indonesian people.”



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