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Andrew Tanyono

Andrew Tanyono

Co-founder of Kita Kitchen, CCO of Printerous

The beginning of Andrew Tanyono’s career came with the establishment of Promogo. Short for “promotion on-the-go,” it specialized in wrap stickers for vehicles that would move around the city. Two years later, the company was acquired by Gojek. Today, Andrew is best known as the co-founder and CEO of Kita Kitchen, and also the CCO of Printerous.

Kita Kitchen was created in 2020, just before the pandemic, together with Reagen Rahardjo. The rise of online food delivery convinced the two that Cloud Kitchen could be the ideal solution for F&B business owners to expand faster and, more importantly, efficiently. Initial response to the idea was positive, and they were able to fill orders quickly. The ongoing pandemic simply accelerated demand for Cloud Kitchen and actually helped educate the market.

Printerous, meanwhile, was envisioned to help procurement processes for companies and organizations of all sizes. The platform built by Printerous enabled businesses centralize all procurement needs in a way that ensures efficiency, reliability and transparency.

Andrew understood that none of us are masters of everything. “Pick one or two things – three if you’re lucky – that you are really good at, and keep getting better at it. And I’m doing just that,” said the father of two. He would often ask himself whether he has done the best that he can do, and if he has already reached the best version of himself. And he would always reach the same answer: no, he hasn’t. But this simply pushed him to always leave room for improvement. Accordingly, Andrew’s ultimate goal in life is to never stop contributing positively, in any way or shape or form to, everyone around him.



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