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Anugrah Pakerti

Anugrah Pakerti

Founder and CEO of AVO

Sometimes, it takes but one person to create significant change; and Anugrah Pakerti is living proof of that. When he noticed that his friends were struggling with skincare products during his fifth semester of college, he decided that it was time start a change. Appointing two of his friends as co-founders, he established AVO Innovation Technology and launched the Avoskin brand. Fast forward to 2022, and AVO has assured its status as one of the most prominent skincare companies in Indonesia, with brands such as Oasea, Lacoco, Glowbetter, and Looke in its portfolio.

Creating change is not always easy. Anugrah knows how difficult it was to shift the established paradigms of beauty. Educating the market through social media presented yet another challenge as the platforms were not as democratized as they are today. However, he believes that it is just a matter of time. As he tirelessly reached out to people about the importance of healthy skin and taking care of the earth we live in, he gradually saw the changes he had been dreaming of.

The innovation that he introduced through brands has given birth to a plethora of skincare and beauty products, ranging from moisturizers and facial cleansers to award-winning serums and ampoule. Anugrah also makes sure that the sourcing and manufacturing processes of AVO products do not involve animal testing.

With AVO and its brands, Anugrah wants to empower people, including his team, to love themselves, feel bold, and be confident. He also tries to send out a great message of inclusivity through his products. A true changemaker, Anugrah is always working to empower more people, broaden his company portfolio, and expand across Southeast Asia, making AVO a well-recognized global company.



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