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Charina Prinandita

Charina Prinandita

Co-founder of Eatlah

Charina Prinandita is best known as one of the co-founders of Eatlah – a nationwide rice bowl restaurant franchise known for its salted egg dishes – alongside Riesky Vernandes, and Michael Chrisyanto. “Eatlah was initially, I would say, almost like a passion project. One of my co-founders, Riesky, was obsessed with salted egg dishes back when we both were studying in Singapore. I would call it an obsession because, at one point, he ate it for five days straight and I kind of gave up on the third day,” she rcalls. “But it really became a passion as he wanted to bring the comforting taste of salted egg back home, for our friends in Indonesia to try. That was the initial idea. And we knew we needed the right partner to jump into the F&B industry that we weren’t familiar with. So, Michael came into the picture.”

Long story short, the year was 2016, and Eatlah established its first outlet in Pantai Indah Kapuk. Charina notes that this was one of the most significant milestones in her life and career. “I would say that the most significant turning point for me was when I quit my full-time job in Singapore and jumped head first into what was initially a business idea between three friends. I’d also say that it was the scariest yet most life-changing career decision that shaped who I am today,” she expresses.

Of course, Charina has plenty of ideas for Eatlah’s future. “Eatlah is currently developing a loyalty app. Hopefully, in the future, the app can do more than that,” she expalins. “We’re also working with the Karafuru team – a magical space by Museum of Toys where colors reign supreme and everyone just wants to have fun – as our way of bridging our Web2 world into a Web3 one because eventually, everyone will get there. Also, soon enough, we will be collaborating with one of Indonesia’s first virtual KOL.”



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