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Claudia Apriliana

Claudia Apriliana

Creative Director

Having parents who work in the furniture industry taught Claudia Apriliana – creative director of Homeology, Lago, Melba, and Casa Italia – how to build his own venture from scratch. “My parents were the early-stage pioneers of this industry, and since my background is in design, I want to help develop and curate these brands, and push it a bit towards modern tastes,” she elaborates. “As a designer, I have this tendency towards creating better things. I believe that to design is to understand not only aesthetics, but also context and experience. I also believe in taking a holistic approach to designing and developing the interior and furniture for every project.”

As a young entrepreneur, Claudia sees the digital era as one full of opportunities to compete, not just in the local market, but also globally. Either way, however, having a good attitude is paramount in her opinion. “In the interior design, home decor and home lifestyle industry, you definitely have to go the extra mile to look for new perspectives, innovate and expand our horizons. That being said, having a positive attitude will lead us towards positive outcomes,” she explains.

Indeed, this new fast-paced world has taught Claudia to never give up. “In this digital era, we always have to stay flexible. What can we do is to always learn about new developments instead of resisting against them,” she shares. Accordingly, her ultimate goal is pretty simple: She just wants to become a better person, living a happy life, constantly creating and bringing about positive change to the people around her.

In the end, Claudia Apriliana identifies as part of an exciting generation of millennial women who strive and succeed in life through various roles. In her case, a career woman who always takes a bit of time between projects for her family, her loved ones and, most importantly, herself.


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