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Dian Fiona

Dian Fiona

Founder/creator of Jiniso

Dian Fiona always knew what path she would follow in live – fashion. Growing up in a family that worked in the garment industry for years, Dian eventually went to a design school where she learnt more about the fashion industry. During her college years, she sold unbranded jeans and, despite making a tidy profit, she knew that without a good branding, it wouldn’t last long. She found a partner, combined their branding skill and fashion knowledge, and then created Jiniso.

Since its inception in 2019, Jiniso has become a pioneer of women’s jeans. More than just denim, the brand offers a wide range of clothing items including shirts, T-shirts, hijabs, and an array of men’s clothes. However, starting a business at such a young age presented Dian a plethora of challenges. Financial management and handling a big team were among the main difficulties she had to deal with, and to make matters worse, a good amount of stock was stolen at one point. Nevertheless, Dian learnt from the situation and quickly recovered. Her resilience and hard work eventually paid off: Jiniso ranked first among Indonesia’s best-selling jeans brands.

Throughout her journey with Jiniso, Dian noticed two things that play a pivotal role in the industry: trends and communities. Her brand was incepted when the Korean wave – or hallyu – swept over Indonesia’s Gen Z. Seeing this as an opportunity, Dian injected K-Pop elements into her brand, which helped her stand out from her competitors. Dian also embraces the community who has supported her and launched Jiniso Entertainment, a creative platform where she can share with her brand’s followers and fans.

Through innovation, resilience, and a positive outlook, Dian will continue sailing forward with Jiniso, growing the business and presenting high-quality jeans for everyone. At her core, she hopes that she can reach more people as she shares her happiness.



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