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Farian Kirana

Farian Kirana

CEO of Lion Parcel

Since 2017, Farian Kirana has assumed the position of CEO at Lion Parcel, a logistics company serving domestic and international shipments. In the beginning, however, Farian wasn’t really ambitious – until he joined the Lion Group company and sat in for meetings. “When I first joined, I had a mentor. He was the founder of Lion Group, Rusdi Kirana, who is also my uncle. He taught me the way to do business. It was amazing to witness his leadership and the way he did business. It started to light the fire in me,” Farian recalls. Newly encouraged and now actively thinking about projects and roles to take on, Farian started hopping between divisions within the company.

He joined Lion Parcel in 2015 since he felt that logistics was something he could work on, especially with the rise of e-commerce and start-ups at the time. He started as technical advisor, and then became CEO two years later. Farian admits that it was quite difficult to grow Lion Parcel. “At first, our efforts consisted of inviting family and friends to try out our services. Unfortunately, the service wasn’t good and we received a lot of complaints,” he shares.

Taking those initial setbacks as a challenge, Farian strived to improve the company’s offerings. And today, Lion Parcel has indeed become better and bigger, supported by more than 7,000 agents, 15,000 delivery couriers and a fleet of 3,000 vehicles. The company’s delivery network currently reaches 98 percent of sub-districts across 34 provinces in Indonesia.
“The journey has been amazing. It’s a never-stop-learning kind of thing. It’s like there’s an invisible line, and once you reach it, you’ll be settled. But as it turns out, when we reach the line, we see another horizon, a whole new landscape, new challenges. So, Lion Parcel has been constantly evolving,” Farian illustrates.



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