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Felicia Regina

Felicia Regina

Founder of Mirael Sugar Wax

Felicia Regina started her business, Mirael Sugar Wax, during a very tough time of her life. Her family went bankrupt, she had to sell their houses and assets, and not long afterwards, her father passed away. Felicia built Mirael from the one million rupiah she had left to her name. But from that one million grew a business that continued to flourish. In 2021, she even managed to build a self-funded factory.

Looking back, Felicia described running a start-up as “being the only passenger on a roller coaster inside a pitch-black tunnel.” She didn’t know what is in front of her and couldn’t guess whether the future of the business was headed up or down. Felicia actually started Mirael just as she graduated from university in 2013. She was born with thicker body hair than the average girl, so waxing was not an option but an actual necessity. When she worked on her degree in Malaysia, waxing kits were easily available at drug stores. Back in Indonesia, however, Felicia found it hard to find reliable and affordable home waxing kits.

Eventually, she found her calling in not only selling waxing kits, but educating people on how to perform self-waxing the right way. When she shifted her focus from being a seller to becoming an educator, her business grew.

Today, besides running Mirael Sugar Wax, Felicia also manages a bakery called Mamagre and a foundation called Hasanayu Pelita Cinta. The latter was inspired by her own pain, guilt and failure to give back what her father’s sacrificed for her. Back in 2015 when her father needed to be admitted ICU, she was angry for not being able to pay the bills. At the time, Felicia made a promise to herself that if one day God allowed her to be successful, she would help the less fortunate facing huge medical costs, allowing them to focus on being there for their loved ones. Hasanayu Pelita Cinta was established to do just that, in line with her goal to inspire kindness and compassion to all beings.



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