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Felix Tjahyadi

Felix Tjahyadi

Creative Director

As a creative director and visual communication designer, Felix Tjahyadi is continuously inspired by people around him, especially his family. He also wants to combine entrepreneurship and creativity, and find a balance point between the two. “People know me for my creative works as a designer or as a creative director in the visual communication field. My works vary from branding and packaging to playgrounds, exhibitions and also window designs,” he happily shares. “At the moment, I’m mostly occupied by creative projects with Hermès, TACO, Sejauh Mata Memandang, and Google G4ID 2023. At the same time, I’m also working on growing my own businesses from Ikkudo Ichi, 7.AM Bakers and a few other upcoming projects.”

Yes, Felix is the brain behind the impressive window displays at Hermès stores in the country. “It’s been more than 10 years since I was first interviewed by the Hermès team in Indonesia to be their window designer. Then I was invited to meet Natacha Prihnenko, the former Directrice du developpement des vitrines, at Hermès headquarters in Paris to discuss our window design concepts,” he recalls. “A few months later, my first window display for Hermès Indonesia was installed. It was an unforgettable moment. I can still remember how nervous I was. In fact, I still get nervous when it comes to designing Hermès windows.”

Furthermore, Felix also mentions about a certain power that comes through in window designs. “For me, it’s more than just about selling products; it’s about storytelling and conveying a message from the brand. A store window serves as the face of the venue. It is the first thing that greets customers even before they step inside. A great window can make you dream, become inspired, and fall in love,” he elaborates.

As for the future, Felix notes: “I want to develop my business in a way that leverages my experience and expertise, to create exciting concepts that are ever-changing and ever-growing, while being relatable to the young generations and making a meaningful impact on society.”



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