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Ida Swasti

Ida Swasti

Founder/creator of Nipplets

For young entrepreneur Ida Swasti, everything began when she started collecting lingerie – still considered taboo in most circles and often associated with the “bad girl” stamp. However, she was determined to change the negative stigma attached to lingerie lovers like herself. Ida found the perception that someone would wear lingerie only to satisfy other people to be inflexible and outdatedly conservative.

In the past, Ida had to deal with bullying, and as a result had trouble accepting who she is. As it turned out, lingerie allowed her to feel secure and self-assured. This, in turn, allowed her to love herself even more. Conscious of the high cost of high-quality underwear, Ida believed that she would be able to fill the gap by offering local lingerie at reasonable prices without sacrificing quality. Enter Nipplets. The bold and unique fashion brand sells lingerie while promoting body positivity and sex positivity with its distinctive and strong character.

Ida’s father taught her the values of being trustworthy and honest. To that end, she believes that there is no such thing as an “easy way,” but she trusts that being honest would make things easier.

Being a womenpreneur has given Ida plenty of highs, but there were quite a few lows as well. “I’m not here to be sexualized or objectified, but I’m here because I have something that is impactful to my surroundings and I’m actually great at doing what I’m doing,” she states

Besides Nipplets, Ida also owns another brand called GThings, which sells love instruments – better known as adult toys.

Her ultimate goal in life is to have an institution for women in Indonesia that would empower them and to erase the gender gap. She wants her institution to assist women who are unable to continue their education in realizing their own potential. As for what’s next for the young entrepreneur? To keep learning, keep digging, keep questioning everything … and to pursue a master’s degree in philosophy.



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