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Irene Ursula

Irene Ursula

Founder of Somethinc and Glowinc Potion

The creator and founder of beauty brand Somethinc & Glowinc Potion, Irene Ursula, started her career by setting up a beauty e-commerce platform called BeautyHaul. At that time, she saw that many people are willing to buy cosmetics and skincare products by international brands at high prices although the ingredients offer nothing special. That gave her an idea to build a credible local beauty brand that caters to the different skin problems for every unique skin type. To that end, Somethinc creates a wide range of face serums, and within just two years, it has earned a place among the top 50 brands in Indonesia and also received a myriad of awards.

Three years after it was established in 2019, Somethinc now has more than 1.3 billion followers on its Instagram account. Its products are available everywhere, with re-sellers spread all across Indonesia. What started as a ten-employee business grew into a company employing 700 people. This enormous scale-up was one of the most difficult challenges that Irene had to face.
Many doubted her at first, simply because she’s a woman. But that didn’t break her spirit as she could rely on her family and support system – people never once doubted her. Moreover, Somethinc has brought her so much joy because she’s able to help many people. Besides receiving so much love from her customers, Irene benefitted many others and ensured that her team and partners became prosperous.

In terms of role models, Irene is impressed by Elon Musk’s and Jack Ma’s authenticity, their originality, and their constant strive to become the best version of themselves. She admires how “crazy,” hard-working and visionary they both are. Of course, there’s plenty of avenues to explore and milestones to achieve for Somethinc – and as long as there’s that, Irene will never stop.



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