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Jordan Fain

Jordan Fain

Co-founder of Kini

Coming from a family of migrants, Jordan Fain believes in perseverance and adaptability. He practices these values on various occasions throughout his career, including when he was building Uber Eats in Japan – a chapter he considers one of the most important in his life’s story. “I was sent to Tokyo for two weeks to write a report to see if Uber could build a business in Japan, something that the brand had never successfully done before. My report basically said ‘should be able to,’” he recalls. “Two weeks turned into two years, and Uber Eats in Japan became one of the biggest international markets. This really set the tone for the rest of my career.”

The story doesn’t stop there, as Jordan also applied that very same adaptability and perseverance when he co-founded Kini together with Indonesia fintech veteran Sidnei Budiman. “Kini is an HR tech platform that provides on-demand payroll services. We now provide a suite of products, but initially we focused on Earned Wage Access. This concept means that a worker gets real-time access to their wages as they earn them. For companies, this can improve retention and make them more attractive to applicants,” he explains. “I met with Sid, my co-founder, and he also was interested in the concept and said he wished he had an application like this when he was managing a large sales force to handle employee benefits and salary advances. We both believed in our mission to make life better for workers, and we thought building Kini would achieve this.”

Speaking about building, the app recently raised USD 4.3million of seed funding led by East Ventures, and Jordan is extremely proud of Kini’s progress to date. He feels that this is only the beginning.



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