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Julius Evan Kristianto

Julius Evan Kristianto

Founder of Quick Serve Indonesia

Julius Evan Kristianto founded PT. Quick Serve Indonesia, when he identified a wealth of opportunities in the F&B retail business. Quick Serve Indonesia manages a series of brands including Dairy Queen, Chicago Popcorn and – most recently – Texas Chicken. The latter caught Evan’s interest back in 2015, when it was still managed by another company. He then obtained the necessarily licensing for the brand from the U.S., and since 2018, Texas Chicken grew under his watch.

As Managing Director, Evan’s current focus is on developing the brands under his company, especially Texas Chicken. “It’s quite a challenge, because people are already aware of Texas Chicken and they already have a certain perception of the brand,” Evan states. “It is an American brand which was established in 1952, and from my observation, there hasn’t been a lot of changes done to the brand until now – which I think is a missed opportunity. Many other big names in F&B have already rebranded and renewed their concepts, and that is a way to let the market see that the brand is developing. That’s what I’m trying to do with Texas Chicken.”

Evan believes that patience is the key to success and that there are no shortcuts to create better outcomes – that’s the principle he has been holding on to while working to develop his brands. So far, Evan has developed around 20 Texas Chicken outlets across Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Yogyakarta and Solo. As for the other brands, Dairy Queen now has 24 stores in Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Bali, while Chicago Popcorn has four stores in Jakarta. “My hope is to develop as fast as possible, and establish as many outlets as possible,” Evan expresses. “The Indonesian market is so big, and the brands that I manage can reach all the way from Sabang to Merauke.”



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