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Mirsa Sadikin

Mirsa Sadikin

Co-founder and CEO of Biteship

Founded in 2019, Biteship is a tech company and a platform that enables business owners to ship their items using multiple courier providers and from multiple warehouses. “It started when we were building our first start-up, Noompang, an intercity ride sharing platform,” co-founder and CEO of Biteship, Mirsa Sadikin, shares. “Soon, we started to launch an intercity food delivery service, too. However, we were having a hard time to partner with all the courier companies. So, we decided to build our own solution to integrate them. This turned out to be a product by itself and we tried our luck in selling it to business users. They loved it. And we never looked back.”

One of the biggest milestones in Mirsa’s career was letting go of his stable day job to build his own venture. “It was not an easy decision to make, because if I wanted to be successful in doing business, it had to be a fulltime; otherwise, you’ll lose to competitors,” Mirsa reminisces. “So, with all my remaining savings, I decided to go fulltime working on my own business.” The rest, as the saying goes, is history.

Last June, Biteship secured seed funding co-led by East Ventures and Beenext, and the company is set to expand beyond its business-to-business focus and shore up its online presence, so that its services can reach thousands, if not millions, of people.

On how he handles pressure and challenges, Mirsa notes: “I believe pressure is everywhere. In this era of social media where you can get instant access to people’s lives, it’s very easy for us to compare ourselves with the accomplishments of others. This also happens in business. But I always remind myself that what’s important is that we need to be better than we were yesterday.”



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