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Nash Hamami

Nash Hamami


“I’ve spent most of my life outside of Indonesia, and to me, the most significant thing is moving back to my birth country and continuing my grandfather’s legacy,” Nash Hamami. Around eight years ago, Nash started his professional journey as a Prospect Manager for Credit Suisse in Singapore. He would then become a management consultant with Accenture in Malaysia, before eventually returning to Indonesia and taking up a consulting position for Bain & Company.

Still, larger things are in store for Nash. “As a third-generation member of my family, I’m about to take on a new role within my family’s business, Tiara Marga Trakindo,” he mentions. Founded by the late Achmad Hadiat Kismet Hamami – Nash’s grandfather – Tiara Marga Trakindo is the parent company of TMT Group, which oversees more than 30 companies that engage in various line of businesses – most notably in heavy equipment and mining.

It would certainly seem that Nash’s career path so far has helped him prepare for his upcoming career move. “When I started as a consultant, I had to adapt to a more demanding work schedule. There were days where we didn’t even go home during tough periods,” the 31-year-old alumni of Kingston University recalls. “I really learned to prioritise tasks and optimise teamwork by utilising strengths and skill sets of individual team members.”

Another important lesson Nash picked up in his journey is the importance of maintaining his health in the face of ever-increasing professional demands. Interestingly, it’s not just his own personal health that now occupies Nash’s mind. “My family has taken initiatives towards affordable healthcare and education, by building schools, hospitals and providing jobs and scholarships across Indonesia,” he muses. “I hope to expand this further by collaborating and working together with other visionaries for the country.”



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