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Rafa Jafar

Rafa Jafar

Founder of EWasteRJ

As a member of Generation Z, Rafa Jafar has been fascinated by technology since he was a kid. And like other kids, he indulged in gaming and collected devices and peripherals to support his interest to the point of overconsumption. That fascination, however, sparked a big question: where does the electronic waste go to and what happens with it? This inspired him to perform further research on this topic and, at the age of 11, Rafa launched a book about e-waste, which eventually pushed him to start a movement known as EWasteRJ.

With EWasteRJ, Rafa wishes to create a new mindset and educate people about the impact of e-waste. Inevitably, obstacles emerged during his journey and Rafa realised that the main challenges were logistics and issues raised by the informal sector. Nevertheless, with persistence and optimism, he pushed forward. Through programs such as collecting and circulating e-waste, he gradually created actual change.

So, yes, Rafa has steadily seen the fruition of his hard work and effort. Over the course of six to seven years, EWasteRJ has collected more than 10 tons of electronic waste to be recycled. The community has also partnered with several organizations, including the Ministry of Environment and Forestry and the Government of Tangerang Regency. He admits, however, it is the intangible impact of his actions that he is most proud of. Seeing people developing greater awareness of electronic waste and following or continuing the movement is what drives him. Still, he credits these achievements to his team and community.

Undoubtedly for Rafa, EWasteRJ is a project that he can share with others. He hopes to see it become even bigger. The failures he has experienced serve as learning opportunities for him to do better in the future. Rafa is also looking forward to try and explore new things and reach more milestones with EWasteRJ.



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