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Rama Suparta

Rama Suparta

Founder of SATURDAYS

Rama Suparta is a man on a mission. He’s the founder of SATURDAYS, a local lifestyle brand that offers a wide selection of designer quality yet affordable eyewear designed in-house to fit and look great. Uniquely, the brand also provides convenient, omnichannel experiences through its app, home try-on service, and lifestyle stores, where customers can enjoy specialty coffee and freshly baked cookies.

While talking about his venture, Rama shares that the most significant milestone in his career is none other than launching his dream brand. “That would be the time I decided to take a risk, get out of my comfort zone in corporate life, and fully commit myself to building SATURDAYS from the ground up,” he recalls. “As an underdog, I knew off the bat that this would not be the easiest path, but it was definitely the most rewarding. I got to dream big, work hard and persevere along the way. Even though I was mentally tested through many ups and downs, SATURDAYS has shaped me professionally as we aim to expand to more than 40 locations across Indonesia by the end of 2022.”

He continues: “My business partner and I named SATURDAYS after everyone’s favourite day of the week. We want to change the boring perception pf shopping for eyeglasses. It should be fun, convenient, and exciting, just like the weekend. We want to bring more affordability to eyeglasses, so they are not merely functional but also fashionable, so people can wear different pairs for different occasions on different days, just like sneakers. We want to inspire confidence by helping people look good, feel good and be productive!”

Rama also mentions that he always tries to follow a “live your best life” mentality, thanks to his parents’ teachings. “I was always challenged to be the best version of myself. I remember when growing up that it was not my grades that they questioned, but my efforts,” he shares. “My parents stressed the importance of giving my best regardless of the result and it has taught me to persevere to the end.”



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