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Tama Florentina

Tama Florentina

Founder and CEO of Hesitada Group

Although she didn’t come from a family of businesspeople, Tama Florentina was often reminded by her parents not to stay in her comfort zone. In a way, this lesson really motivated her to seek out what was waiting out in the world.

Since she started building her own career, Tama learned that being adaptable is her key to success. As she sees challenges as signs of growth, she tries to take it slow so as to not become overwhelmed. Of course, Tama also relies on a strong support network consisting of her friends, family, and work family to help her overcome obstacles.

Tama is perhaps best known as the founder and CEO of Hesitada Group. Still, she maintains that being a mom and a wife are important life milestones as well, as she’s a big believer in being grateful for the small little things in life. As such, Tama holds plenty of admiration and respect for career women with families to raise. In her view, these women have it harder than others, yet they still shine in both their work and at home.

Family life is the anchor to Tama’s identity. For her, having people you call home causes everything to just make sense and worth its while. To that end, she maintains a healthy work-life balance by trying to put equal amounts of time at both – as well as letting herself go and being fully in the moment.
Back to business side of things, with her company and Moire Rugs, Tama helps pave the way for better quality and wider selection of carpets, including ones made by local artisans and designers. Moire is expected to open a new showroom next year along with its signature designer collaborations. With Moire Rugs, she is always working to find more meaningful designs, purposeful functions and joy-bringing carpets.



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