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Toni Cu

Toni Cu

Founder of Sweaterpolos

2022 marks the 12th year of Toni Cu’s journey in the fashion industry. His story, however, traces back to his first year of high school in 2010 and began with a rather unique scenario. The perpetually cold Toni always wore a sweater to school, and his sweaters unexpectedly attracted the attention of his classmates. Seeing an opportunity, Toni started selling sweaters on several online platforms. This stroke of serendipity then led him to create his own brand, Sweaterpolos.

Toni’s vision for Sweaterpolos is to create affordable apparel products of exceptional quality. But in starting a business at such a young age, Toni faced various challenges. The lack of new stock as well as limited size and colour options were some of the most notable. On the other hand, demand was high, which eventually led Toni to build a factory in 2021. He also partnered with several SMEs to fulfil the aforementioned demand. Under Toni’s direction, Sweaterpolos now employs more than 500 people and at one point processed about 43,000 orders in a single day.

Toni believes that success does not happen overnight; instead, it’s the result of persistence, innovation, and initiative. Today, Sweaterpolos offers not only sweaters but also a range of ready-to-wear items including T-shirts, jumpers, and polo shirts in a plethora of colourways and sizes. The brand has also innovated by adopting technology that allows customers to create customized clothing items at affordable prices, of course without compromising the quality. Toni is also well aware of the role of social media in this digital age. It’s safe to say that Toni was one of the pioneers of Instagram shopping as he already sold his products through the platform when “Insta-stores” weren’t so common yet.

In the future, Toni hopes that Sweaterpolos will also create more job opportunities. Inspired by his hard-working father, Toni hopes to be a wise father himself, and also a good son, husband, and a leader who can drive his company to greater success.



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