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Yura Yunita

Yura Yunita


Growing up in a music-loving family, Yura Yunita has befriended melodies since she was a kid. Her passion was discovered when, at four years old, she performed in front of her family. As she entered her teenage years, she realised that music was an outlet for her emotions. While playing piano, Yura would write her feelings, transforming them into lyrics. It was during this time that she wrote her first song, Berawal dari Tatap.

During her high school years, she won several singing competitions. At the time, her dreams included becoming a chemistry analyst, an international tennis player, a composer, and a musician … but she never really expected that her musical experiences would really take her to where she is right now. Prior to her journey in the entertainment industry, she worked as an announcer at a radio station while finishing her final paper.

In 2014, under the guidance of the late Glenn Fredly, Yura released her debut self-titled album. Through this release, she was also able to explore a range of genres, from pop to R&B and Broadway. Her journey was not always smooth, however. The toxicity of beauty standards was among the challenges she had to face along the way. However, the support from people around her, combined with her persistence and hard work ethic, allowed her to thrive in the industry. As testament to her grit, Yura won the prestigious AMI Awards for several categories, including Best Album of the Year (2019) and Best Pop Songwriter (2019). She also received the most nominations that year, having been nominated in 10 categories.

Her latest album, Tutur Batin, marks another milestone for Yura. The album has clocked 100 million streams on Spotify. Aspiring to inspire more people through music, Yura is planning to perform a solo concert in the near future. She also wishes to see more individual talents in the future, as well as channeling more positive energy to her fans.



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