When Dyson launched its first ever hair dryer, it made headlines. The excitement was reasonable, because the British home technology company, best known for its design-conscious air purifiers and vacuum cleaners has been mentioned as the “Apple of home technology”.

Vogue’s Beauty Associate was clearly excited when she got her hands on the hair dryer days after it was launched. Many women, especially those who have spent decades with clunky hair dryer, would have shared her excitement.

James Dyson, founder of the namesake brand, proclaims the hair dryer as a tool that is “changing haircare”. Apparently, his idea was to create a hair dryer that allows him to talk to his wife while she is drying, without having to shout.

Thus, the hair dryer with Dyson digital motor V9 that “spins on average six times faster than other hair dryer motors at one inaudible frequency – yet it is a third of the weight”. On average, it propels 13 litres of air up to the amplifier every second.

Design-wise, it looks more like a sleek speaker rather than a hair dryer. The good design that goes well with its lightweight, is just as much as expected from a Dyson product.

Our editor tried out Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, with the help from the team at Toni & Guy Plaza Indonesia. Here are three things that justify its price tag.

Pro #1: The noise

At some point of a woman’s life, she would be faced with a dilemma of drying her hair or letting her partner / friend / pet sleep for an hour or two longer. Promising to be a significantly quieter hair dryer, Dyson delivers.

Our editor tried talking to the hairdresser while he was drying her hair, and it worked without either of them having to shout at any point. It’s another plus that the drying process takes at least five minutes shorter than usual.

Pro #2: The shine

A hair dryer that is not smoking hot is often thought of as less effective than its counterparts. The popular belief has it that the hotter a hair dryer gets, the faster it gets its job done. But Dyson proves otherwise with its air temperature measurement, which functions 20 times every second to prevent extreme heat. As a result of the mild heat during the drying process, the Supersonic protects hair’s natural shine.

Pro #3: The styling tools

Different hair needs different types of hair dryer diffusers. Every package of Supersonic includes three different types of styling tools, attached to the dryer with a magnet. First, the smoothing nozzle that gently dries hair. Second, the diffuser that promotes faster drying and reduces frizz. Third, the styling concentrator for styling in particular areas.

For more info and purchase, visit dyson.co.id