5 of the best coloured eyeliners with incredible pigment and staying power

Sometimes, the most impactful looks are created from the simplest of techniques. Case in point: coloured eyeliners. If you want to make an impression but don’t necessarily want to take all that time to experiment, just switch out your everyday black or brown pencils to these ones. Using the best eyeliners will make all the difference too. 

Before we head into the best coloured eyeliners in the market, time to take a peek in the mirror and really get to know your eyes. While many of us in Malaysia probably have brown eyes, some of you lucky ones might be born with blue or hazel eyes. Or even if you wear coloured lenses, these are the tips to consider when adding coloured eyeliners to cart. 

There’s never a hard-and-fast rule when it comes to beauty, but over at our FAQ section, we share the general colour pairings that will always offset your eye colour, including celebrities to take cue from when planning your makeup looks. 

While you may need some time to adjust and get used to this eye look, consider it your gateway technique before you progress into bigger and bolder makeup styles. If you’re looking for the best eyeliner to create this look, then you’ve come to the right page. 

Featured image credit: Amanda Seyfried/Instagram ; Hero image credit: Fenty Beauty

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5 of the best eyeliners to use for coloured eyeliner looks

With 10 colours to choose from, check out this long-lasting eyeliner for a smudge-free coloured eyeliner look. Shades offered may be on the subtle side, but you won’t need a lot to make a splash. The best part about this eyeliner? It’s going to last throughout the day, even if you sweat or rub your eyes. 


Six shades may not be much to play around with, but Gucci Beaute’s eye liner is creamy and glides on seamlessly. The formula is vegan and packs a punch. If you’re on the go, this coloured eyeliner will not require a sharpener as the retractable pencil itself comes with a sharpener built into the cap — so you have a fresh, precise nib to work with every time.


With this one, you might want to work quick — because once it dries, it sets into a budge-proof finish. Although the best-selling shade is Trooper, this incredible formula is available in nine rich shades, from deep, hunter green to an eye-catching electric blue.


For those who want a whole spectrum (and finish) to play around with, make your way to the nearest Fenty Beauty beauty counter. While this may not give you the best precision, this can easily be mitigated with the use of a precise eyeliner brush. A word of caution though — this pencil does not retract, so be sure to twist up only the product you need.


A reliable eyeliner doesn’t necessarily need to cost you. For the shade range that it comes in, and the luxurious velour finish that makes your eyes look like they are adorned with velvet, you may want to nab a few of these. Similar to the KVD Beauty liner, you will also need to work fast with this one.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What is the best eyeliner colour for brown eyes?

Answer: According to famed makeup artist Dame Charlotte Tilbury, brown eyes will benefit from blue eyeliners. If that sounds like too much of a commitment for you, try lining your waterline and diffuse the crayon. Take a gander at Mila Kunis’s and Keira Knightley’s past looks to get inspired.

Question: What is the best eyeliner colour for blue eyes?

Answer: For those with blue eyes, it really comes down to the effect you want to achieve. To offset the cool tone of blue irises, try on warm reddish eyeliners. But if you want to achieve steely, piercing blue eyes, a shimmery slate colour is the way to go — just look at Cara Delevigne and Megan Fox for inspo.

Question: What is the best eyeliner colour for green eyes?

Answer: Those with green eyes get to have the most fun! Tertiary tones will complement them best, so look into purples and burgundies. To get inspired, take cue from Kate Middleton or Amanda Seyfried.

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