Best colour correctors and concealers to use for your skin tone

If you’re a makeup enthusiast, you’d be aware of the magical power of the best colour correctors and concealers  when it comes to covering up blemishes. Apply a few strokes of a good concealer and say goodbye to dark circles, acne, redness, uneven patches, and other concerns of various skin tones.

Although they serve a similar purpose, both these products are different. Knowing the difference between the two and how to apply them can help you make the right choice, depending on your requirements. Keep in mind that the shade of your concealer should match your foundation or better if you find a shade lighter than your skin tone. 

How to apply colour correctors and concealers?

From minimising imperfections to hiding dark circles, concealers and correctors are secret cosmetic weapons. While a colour-correcting concealer can work its magic, a skin-toned concealer can do wonders on its own. For instance, a green colour concealer works best to cover up zits and tone down red acne flare-ups. Likewise, you can use a peach formula to get rid of dark circles.

To learn the tricks of the trade like colour theory, you might want to watch a YouTube tutorial. But remember that less is more. While applying the colour corrector, don’t swipe but dab it lightly on the desired area. If you need more coverage, follow up by using a concealer of your skin tone with a damp makeup sponge. This pressing technique will make sure the colour-correcting concealer stays in place. All you need is a little practice, and then you’re on your way to a flawless complexion in minutes.

What is the difference between concealers and correctors?

The key difference between a corrector and concealer is that correctors come in various shades like creamy, green, peach, and orange, while concealers are flesh-coloured for different skin tones. Secondly, correctors should be applied under the concealer to give your skin a neutral palette. Concealers balance uneven skin tones and bring a youthful glow to your face. 

Here are some of the best brands for concealers and correctors. 

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If you’re worried about your uneven skin tone, here’s an easy colour correcting solution for you. Glide a few strokes of New York Master Camo by Maybelline over your under-eye bags or on an uneven patch of skin and watch it transform in a few minutes. The red shade of this corrector goes best with medium and dusky tones.

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This colour corrector palette from NYX could be the next worthy addition to your makeup kit. You get six different shades to mix and blend until you find your ideal shade. This lightweight formula gives your face a dewy finish, leaving your skin soft and supple.  

Image credit: Shopee

Give your face full coverage and say goodbye to all your blemishes with a few strokes of Sephora’s Lavender colour corrector. This highly-pigmented solution stays intact for long hours even on dark skin tones and blends along your skin seamlessly to deliver a natural look. The best thing about this purple colour corrector is that it’s free of parabens. It works well for both lighter as well as deeper skin tones.

Image credit: Sephora

Lancôme’s Teint Idole Ultra Wear goes well with every skin type and takes care of all skin imperfections, from redness to dark spots and even acne scars. The green corrector  is particularly effective for neutralising red flare-ups on medium skin tones. This formula spreads smoothly along your skin and doesn’t leave a cakey texture.

Image credit: Saks Fifth Avenue

Camouflage all your blemishes or dark circles with Morphe’s Fluidity colour Corrector and give your skin a touch of magic. Infused with shea butter, this creamy formula keeps your skin soft and dewy for as long as 16 hours. Pat lightly on the dark patches and let your face glow like a diamond.

Image credit: Morphe

Are you troubled by dark circles and dark spots ruining your look? Check out LA Girl’s Orange Corrector that helps conceal pigmentation and stays for long hours, keeping your face blemish-free. The liquid base of this formula helps it blend smoothly along your skin. 

Image credit: Shopee

Available in 30 different shades, this creamy concealer from NARS helps clear out blemishes with just a few strokes. Enriched with light-diffusing technology, this magic formula delivers natural radiance and soft texture to your skin, along with prolonged hydration making it a top choice of every makeup artist.

Image credit: Sephora

Treat your face to the goodness of this multi-purpose concealer and make your blemishes disappear with this cult favourite that is also preferred by every celebrity makeup artist. You can blend this solution with your fingertips over your bare dark skin or makeup. From clearing dark circles to reducing redness, the numerous shades in this palette help deal with multiple skin issues.

Image credit: Nyx Cosmetics

Formulated with tape technology, Tarte’s concealer covers up fine lines, wrinkles, and dull skin to add a youthful touch to your face. Say hello to flawless base skin and dewy eyes for 16 hours without the hint of a crease. This full-coverage formula comes with a natural matte finish too.

Image credit: Tarte Cosmetics

Try out this sweat-resistant formula in yellow tones and get a flawless look with full coverage. Its creamy texture melts into your skin to cover skin discolouration and leaves a smooth finish along with a warm glow on your skin. This product is 100% vegan and dermatologically tested.

Image credit: Fenty Beauty

This stretch concealer from Glossier can be every girl’s best friend when it comes to disguising imperfections. Thanks to the elastic micro waxes used here, this solution glides over your skin like butter and leaves smooth fair skin.

Image credit: Glossier

Enhance your features and flaunt a glam look with Missha’s cushion cover. This concealer also acts like sunscreen while retaining your skin’s natural moisture. Let your skin breathe in this lightweight formula and say no to dark spots and sagging eyes.

Image credit: Missha

Highlight your complexion to fight the look of fatigue and dullness especially under eye circles by applying YSL’s brightening concealer pen. This product is compatible with all skin types and gives full coverage without leaving a cakey texture. If you’re looking for a natural look that offers deeper skin correction, this is the right fit for you.

Image credit: YSL Beauty

Frequently Asked Questions

Are concealers and colour correctors the same?

As mentioned above, concealers are usually flesh-coloured while colour correctors come in various shades. They serve more or less the same purpose but differ in texture or formulation.

Do you put concealer on top of the colour corrector?

Yes, concealers should be applied after colour correctors.

What is the purpose of a concealer and colour corrector?

The primary purpose of concealers and correctors is to cover up blemishes and even out the skin tone.

What comes first, concealer or corrector?

Concealer sits over corrector.

How do you know if you need a colour corrector?

If you have baggy eyes, acne marks, dark spots, or wrinkles, you might need to colour corrector to balance out your overall complexion and give your face a warm glow.

How do you blend colour corrector?

The right way of applying a colour corrector is to dab a little corrector over the desired area and blend it evenly with your fingers or with a doe foot applicator.

What can I use instead of a colour corrector?

You may use a concealer alone.

What are the different colour correctors for?

Different shades of colour correctors are to handle different skin issues. For instance, a purple corrector neutralises yellow skin tones, while a tan brown shade works great for contouring. You may mix and match your shades to get the perfect complexion or look.

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