The best glitter eyeliners for that shimmery look

Defining your eyes with an eyeliner is one of the basic steps in any makeup routine. But you can take it a notch higher by topping your regular liner with some glitter. Glitter eyeliners are much in vogue, considering how effortlessly they can transform a plain Jane look to something undeniably sassy.

Glitter eyeliners come in a number of delicate hues that you can pick from. If you simply apply a glitter eyeliner without a base, it might end up being flaky. It’s best to pair it up with a similar-hued regular kohl or eyeliner to make it long-lasting. Look for an eyeliner with rich pigmentation if you like the colour to be intense. Many prefer to use these eyeliners as eyeshadows to achieve a smoky eye look. Some eyeliners are also designed in a way that they can be applied on the lashes. So you can choose a liner depending on your needs and preferences.

Another thing to keep in mind when you apply glitter eyeliners, is that they can have harmful effects on your eyes. If a piece of glitter accidentally touches the cornea, it might cause corneal infection, irritation or redness. At the first sign of discomfort, you must immediately consult a physician to avoid any serious harm. It is also advised that you properly remove the makeup with a gentle cleanser to make sure that none of the particles enter your eyes.

However, there’s no harm in trying out a glamorous look with a tinge of sparkle. While the market abounds with a wide range of eyeliner products, you must pick something that’s safe on your skin and clinically tested too.

Here is a list of glitter eyeliners from trusted brands for you to try

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Once in a while, your eyes deserve a glow up! Make a unique statement with the 2 in 2 Glitter Liner Shadow crafted by Lottie London x Laila Loves. The product comes in three luxurious shades—Pink Diamonds, Rich and Champagne. The solution is gluten-free and vegan.

Image credit: Lottie London

The new 24-Hour Stylo Eyeliner from Dior has a creamy texture that easily blends into your skin and helps you achieve all kinds of looks, from the most daring to the effortlessly natural. The best part is that the liner has a built-in sharpener along with a smudge tip. Now you know how to get that perfect smoky eye look!

Image credit: Courtesy Dior

Get yourself Lancome’s Drama Liqui Pencil Waterproof Eyeliners and let your eyes sparkle with a glint of diamond. The richly pigmented solution comes in eight vibrant hues with three finishes—glitter, matte and metallic. The liner stays on for 24 hours and is transfer-proof.

Image credit: Courtesy Lancome

Sisley Paris combines the intensity of a richly hued eyeliner with the ease of a pencil. The sharp tip lends precise strokes to ensure perfect wings and smooth eye contouring. The product is available in 8 hues infused with delicate glitter to transform your eyes into a shimmering work of art. Much to your delight, there’s also a pencil sharpener built into the liner!

Image credit: Courtesy Sisley Paris

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: How to make a glitter eyeliner?

Answer: If you want to make a DIY glitter eyeliner, you can prepare the base by using a foundation as an eye shadow. To top it, you may dab a few drops of primer and brush it off with a bit of face glitter. The primer ensures that the glitter stays in place and doesn’t flake.

Question: Are glitter eyeliners safe?

Answer: You should be extremely cautious while wearing glitter eyeliners. Even a tiny piece of sparkle or glitter can cause corneal abrasion, if it enters your eyes. In less severe cases, your eyes can be prone to redness or irritation. To avoid such situations, you must gently cleanse your eyes to ensure that none of the sparkles have entered your cornea. It’s recommended that you go for a vegan, paraben-free product just to be on the safe side.

Question: How to apply glitter eyeliners?

Answer: Glitter eyeliners show better effect when applied over a regular liner. Preferably, apply a pencil liner that resembles the colour of your glitter eyeliner. To preserve the shimmery look, you also need to keep a few things in mind. Remember to apply an eyeshadow primer to prevent the glitter from flaking. After you’re done applying, spritz on a setting spray to help your liner stay in place.

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