July beauty favourites: The clean edition

Sephora press day doesn’t just bring on a gamut of products to try out. The biggest bi-yearly event in beauty brings together some of the most brilliant minds in the industry, including game-changers who are set to shake up the scene. The one trend we spotted that dictated this year’s Fall edition is clean beauty. Soon to be introduced on the shelves of the beauty behemoth are famed natural skincare brands such as Bybi, Biossance, and Sand & Sky. We’re also highlighting the new products from longtime favourites such as Frank Body and Dr Roebuck’s, and spotlighting the first ever brand that cares for your skin’s ecosystem.

Gut probiotics may be one of the health food scene’s buzziest words these days, but did you know it extends to your skincare too? Called the microbiome, Gallinée is the first brand to care for your skin’s ecosystem. Think of it as “your personal Amazonian rainforest.” It is the entire vast communities of good bacteria and microorganisms that live in harmony on and in your body that strengthens your skin’s protective barrier that is often damaged by pollution, and antibacterial products and detergents.

To tackle this, Gallinée’s products care for your microbiome through probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics. Probiotics brings good bacteria to skin, to aid with soothing inflammation and sensitive skin. Prebiotics and postbiotics, on the other hand, care for the existing bacteria on your skin. Great for sensitive skin, the formulations are of the same pH balance as the skin to balance the skin’s sensitivity.

Its key products include the body milk, which contains bogbean and almond oil with a triple complex of biotics, to leave skin hydrated and nourished. For your face, the Face Vinegar contains Actibiome, a prebiotic that calms skin irritation, alongside postbiotics that allow the skin’s beneficial bacteria to flourish.

Last spring, Dr Roebuck’s made its way to Sephora Singapore with a simple tagline: A line of ‘minimal ingredients, maximum results’. Sisters Kim and Zoe were raised by doctors. They created a prescriptive formula that involved removing, not adding, ingredients to treat their dry, sensitive skin and eczema from long days spent under the Australian sun. ‘No nasties’ and cruelty free, the products are chock-full of active ingredients, many of them in pure forms from Australia. Its latest launch this Fall is the Kibosh Weightless Foaming Cleanser. This contains four powerful active ingredients that fight breakouts and excess oil production to thoroughly deep clean skin, leaving it supple and luminous, instead of stripping the skin of its oils, unlike your average foaming cleanser.

Once known to us as just an Instagram ad that dominated our feeds, Sand & Sky’s Australian Pink Clay Porefining Mask has finally landed on our shores. Started by sisters Emily and Sarah Hamilton, the same duo who founded the beauty subscription box Bellabox, the brand uses  Australian pink clay, made up of botanicals, as its hero ingredient to soak up dirt and impurities, purifying skin that faces blackheads, excess oil or blemishes. The four-in-one formula features organic liquorice to stimulate cell production, Old Man’s Weed to combat pigmentation, aloe vera to soothe and tighten pores, pomegranate for collagen production, and kakadu plum, kelp and organic mangosteen, to protect the skin barrier.

Frank Body started when co-founder Steve Rowley, owner of several cafes in Melbourne, was asked by customers to give them the leftover coffee grinds to create body scrubs. Like today’s young beauty brands, it launched exclusively on Instagram with little self-funding. From a brand that started with just AUD$5,000 , its revenue has ballooned to almost AUD$20 million a year. The brand is Instagram-famous, thanks to its signature aesthetic of customers being slathered in coffee scrub, and its cheeky branding.Frank Body recently launched a new espresso scrub with a whipped texture to reduce the messiness while maintaining all the good stuff of sweet almond oil, macadamia and grapeseed oil to leave skin baby soft.


One of clean beauty’s buzziest brands is set to dominate Singapore this August. British skincare brand Bybi was started by Elsie and Dominka in 2o17, in what was a natural progression from their popular blog and podcast, Clean Beauty Insiders. 100 percent natural, vegan and cruelty free, the products also boast eco-friendly packaging — they’re made from industrial compostable sugarcane-derived bioplastic tubes, or glass. Its hero products include the multi-purpose Beauty Balm, which contains shea butter and fruit wax to lock in moisture, Vitamin C-rich Coenzyme Q10 to repair damaged skin, and calendula oil to soothe, as well as the oil-based Supercharged Serum that contains 18 antioxidant-rich oils.

Pronounced bio-sAHnse, the plant-based brand’s key ingredient is squalane. Squalane is derived from squalene, also known as biology’s best moisturiser. The human body produces its own squalene, which is part of our skin’s own natural moisture and gradually depletes over time from your 20s, leaving skin dry. Squalane can be found in both a variety of plants and shark’s liver, but Biossance has created a more sustainable viable option. Its version of the ingredient is derived from a patented technology that creates 100 percent plant-based, renewable sugarcane. If you’re new to the brand, the 100 percent squalane oil is a go-to choice for all-over hydration and accelerated cell turnover, while the peptide eye gel reduces puffy eyes, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.