The best vegan and cruelty-free colours and dyes that won’t damage your hair

With veganism making its way into the mainstream, more and more people are now adopting this alternative lifestyle or at least growing aware of its existence. Veganism is spreading its wings across different sectors of the market and the wellness industry not far behind. With the rise of ethical consumerism, most people today look for eco-friendly and organic products, including vegan hair colours.

Most of the hair colours are known to contain harsh chemicals like ammonia, which can adversely impact hair quality in the long run. Hair colours formulated with natural and purely organic substances also prove to be gentle on your hair, saving you from the risk of hair damage. Who would like to end up with rough tresses at the end of a fun colouring session?

These days, several brands are making conscious efforts to create safe, plant-based hair colours or vegan hair dyes. While it’s great to know that the market abounds with myriad vegan and cruelty free hair colouring solutions, how do you know which product is the best match for your locks? Make sure you check the ingredients list before picking up a hair dye. Avoid the ones with ammonia, Hydrogen Peroxide, Para-phenylenediamine (PPD) and 1,2,4 trihydroxybenzene. The vegan ones will have natural and plant-based ingredients like henna or other herbs.

To help you out with some choices, we have curated a list of vegan and cruelty free hair colours and dyes available in the market. Most of these brands have established their names in the industry for their holistic approach and utilisation of ancient recipes to develop products that are both safe and effective. 

These are some of the best vegan and cruelty-free hair colours you can try


Add life to your dull strands with the subtle hues offered by Tints of Nature. The botanically-inspired solution lets your hair soak in vibrant colours so seamlessly that it almost looks natural. Concocted with 32 hair-loving ingredients, this hair treatment range is free of ammonia. So, what are you waiting for? Kill those tresses with kindness with this best vegan hair dye.

Image credit: Shopee

Available in a rainbow of the loveliest shades, Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair is a product that you’ll cherish. Besides, who wouldn’t like their hair to smell like vanilla? The colour sits softly on your strands until it intensifies to make you feel like a unicorn. The gentle formula deeply conditions your hair and ensures complete damage protection. 

Image credit: Lime Crime


Manic Panic uses premium quality, 100% natural ingredients to create a melange of hair colours for you to explore. The products of this vegan hair dye brand are free of harmful and harsh chemicals like paraben, sulphate, or ammonia that are known to strip the hair of its natural moisture. Hair colours by Manic Panic are gentle on your strands and have a lasting effect for up to 6 weeks. 

Image credit: Lazada


Grey or not, your hair deserve the best things, just like you. And ONC gives you precisely that with its organic hair colouring products. This hair colour lies softly on your scalp, moisturising it from within while making your hair shine in vibrant shades. The product is devoid of any toxic chemicals that can cause irritation or other skin issues.

Image credit: ONC Natural Colours


Cover your greys with this temporary colour gel by Christophe Robin and say hello to lustrous, healthy-looking tresses. The entirely vegan brand offers a formula that blends seamlessly into your roots to leave your hair radiant and supple. There’s zero risk of damage to light hair as the product contains only pure natural ingredients.

Image credit: Christophe Robin

Do you wish to have your hair shine like sunflowers? If yes, wait no longer and get your hands on the semi-permanent hair colours by Good Dye Young. The solution also contains a mild fragrance of Bergamot oil that will soothe your nerves. The other thing to love about this hair colour range from Good Dye Young is its creamy texture that keeps your hair hydrated and free from damage while giving a semi permanent vibrant shade.

Image credit: Shopee

This one’s for those who love to dye their hair in electric hues. Arctic Fox puts together a whole assortment of organic and nontoxic dye which is paraben- and ammonia-free. The brand also offers a range of UV reactive vibrant shades, which can definitely make you a head-turner at the next party you attend. 

Image credit: Shopee

Naturalite’s organic hair dye is designed to achieve intense colours and full coverage. Thanks to the infusion of natural oils (jojoba, olive, and argan) with aloe vera extracts, this solution treats hair gently and does not cause unwanted reactions. It is among the few vegan hair dye brands that creates products that leaves your hair with a pretty sheen while protecting it from damage caused by synthetic chemicals. 

Image credit: Shopee

Add some fire to your tresses with this unique henna hair dye created by Lush. We are all aware of the benefits of henna for skin and hair. Besides detoxifying your scalp, this vegan hair dye bar also nourishes hair from the roots. The goodness of cocoa butter and lemon juice blended into this product by the vegan hair dye brands is an extra plus.

Image credit: Lush

Naturtint’s organic hair colour is a favourite among many, thanks to its long-lasting colour retention and easy-to-use formula. The brand offers a melange of hair colouring products that are created with a cruelty free process and free of hazardous chemicals. The most favoured ones include the Root Retouch and the Color Care line. 

Image credit: Naturtint

Have you always been sceptical of applying hair dye, fearing harsh side effects? Well, that’s a big no-no if you try Splat Naturals’ conditioning hair colour. Formulated with pure organic extracts of quinoa and baobab seed oil, the solution keeps your hair moisturised while retaining vivid colour for a long time. The best thing? The hair dye feels easy on any hair type.

Image credit: Splat

Why be kind only to your hair when you can be kind to the environment as well? Coat your tresses with gentle hues from Radico and gift your hair with long-lasting shine and lustre. The semi permanent hair dye product is dermatologically tested and is proven safe against skin allergies and irritation. Naturally coloured locks are now just a step away.

Image credit: Radico

Colour your tresses into a shade of your choice with Umbertino Giannini’s hair colour. Infused with floral essence, this solution glides into your scalp, and leaves you with evenly coloured hair as fresh as a dewy garden. The product contains vitamins C and E along with essential oils like chamomile extracts and orange peel that nourishes your strands, ensuring a long-lasting effect.

Image credit: Umberto Giannini

Surya Brasil is an award-winning brand known for its cruelty free line, and its products are a testimony to its success. For instance, this Henna Cream is more than just a hair colour. Created from pure fruit and vegetable extracts, the formula provides intense treatment to the scalp and nourishes hair from the root to the ends with sustainably harvested ingredients.

Image credit: Surya Brasil

Made from 100% organic ingredients, this hair treatment dye by Punky Colour is sure to amaze you. It deeply conditions your hair to bring out that extra, healthy sheen. Just so you know, the hues by Punky Colour work best on hair of a darker shade.

Image credit: Punky

The colouring hair conditioners from Overtone are a boon to those with dry hair and curls. It adds extra hydration to your hair to leave you with soft and bouncy locks. Most effective on brown hair, this conditioner features numerous shades like blue, ginger, rose gold, teal, and silver, among others. 

Image credit: Overtone

Say no to ammonia and yes to supple, healthy hair with BioMagic’s organic hair colour cream. Available in a wide range of hues, this cream easily glides into the roots of your hair while preserving its natural texture. The product is formulated with argan oil and keratin, which ensure the good health of your hair. 

Image credit: Biomagic

Cultivator’s believes in Fair Trade Consumerism, and this is evident in the composition of its products. Infused with 100% natural extracts of hair-friendly ingredients like amla, henna, aloe vera, and eucalyptus, this organic hair colour is no exception to the brand’s socially responsible motto. With a 100% vegan product like this, you don’t run the risk of damaging your hair.

Image credit: Cultivator

Want to get rid of grey hair but worried about the aftereffects of colouring? Fret no more! Herbatint brings you a gentle formula enriched with the goodness of 8 herbal ingredients to nourish your hair and provide you with long-lasting colour. The product is dermatologically tested and is proven safe for all skin types. 

Image credit: Herbatint

Dye your tresses black or brown with BSY’s fruit-based hair colour shampoo. Formulated with the exotic Hawaiian Noni fruit, this product is free of harmful chemicals like ammonia. Besides adding colourful shine to your hair, the shampoo also nourishes your scalp to keep it healthy. 

Image credit: Lazada

Frequently Asked Questions

Do natural hair dyes last long?

Natural hair dyes can last as long as six to eight weeks. The good thing about organic dyes is that they fade naturally.

How to use vegan hair colours?

Follow the same process as you do with regular hair colours. Most hair colours by top hair dye brands usually come in the form of a powder. Make a paste and apply it evenly all over your scalp and strands (or in particular spots as per your liking). Leave the solution on for about an hour or two. Lastly, wash it off with shampoo and let your hair dry naturally. 

If you don’t achieve your desired shade, remember to leave the formula for extra time the next time you apply. If the application causes any irritation, wash it off immediately and consult a dermatologist.

Why should I choose vegan hair dye?

The answer is simple. Vegan hair dyes are devoid of harmful chemicals which prevents hair damage. Besides, they are also eco-friendly as they are made from organic ingredients, meaning their disposal wouldn’t wreck our ecosystem.

Is vegan hair dye safe?

Hair dyes formulated with 100% natural ingredients are safe for your hair as well as the environment.

Can vegan hair colour stay permanently?

Yes! There are several brands that offer permanent hair colours. Go through the list provided above to find the hair dye of your choice.

How often can I colour my hair without damaging it?

Ideally, it is safe to dye your hair every 6-8 weeks. However, if you notice any change in texture or experience any kind of skin irritation, you must consult a dermatologist and follow cautionary measures as per your diagnosis.


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