5 of Bangkok’s Best Kids’ Birthday Party Spots & Services

As we inch closer and closer to Children’s Day, it’s prime time to start considering how we want to celebrate the little ones in our life who bring us such joy. And when it comes to celebrating, think magical and memorable — that’s what a kid’s dream birthday party is all about, after all! When considering how to create such wonderful moments for the little ones, we must put away our need to go to the most glamorous location in town and in turn think about places that are safe, child-friendly, and relatively large so the kids can run about and enjoy themselves. Sometimes, having a party at home might beat all the other venues you had on your wish list, and with the right party-planner and suppliers, it might just be the best decision you could make for your petite one’s special day.

Of course, in Bangkok, you could always opt for an activity-focused birthday, such as Laser Tag at Playsquare Laser Tag, a trampolining party at Bounce Thailand, or an ‘Awesome Birthday Bash’ at The Little Gym, featuring fun games, music and Lego. Still stuck for ideas on how to plan your little one’s next birthday party? Have a look at our pick of shops, spots, and services that are bound to add some extra sparkle to your child’s next – and best – birthday celebration.

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The Gardens of Dinsor Palace

A wonderful choice for any kind of themed birthday party as kids can roam around freely in the garden and play games, check out the peacocks, or feed the swans. Equally, this would provide a leisurely occasion for the grown-ups to chat over drinks and nibbles too. A pre-set menu, kid’s menu, and desserts of your choice can be organised by the venue to make the occasion of your little one’s birthday as relaxed and delicious as possible. The Gardens of Dinsor Palace’s team can easily arrange your little one’s birthday, so long as you inform them at least three days in advance of the date. Alternatively, you can also bring your own birthday cake to the venue.

To find out more, call 0 2714 2112, or visit thegardenspalace.com.

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Glitz Party BKK

Don’t let planning a party stress you out. Work smart and outsource the stress to a professional party planner. Glitz Party BKK specialises in planning dream birthday parties at a venue of your choosing (why not try at home? That way the kids can really feel at ease). Whatever the venue, everything is tailor-made to suit your child’s every wish and whim. They take care of all the details, including themed party planning and catering, decorations, birthday cakes, goodie bags, party supplies, photo backdrops, balloons, entertainment, games, and more. If you think your little one might want face- painting, a bouncy castle, cotton candy and a magic show, Glitz Party BKK will be able to make it happen.

To find out more, call 0 8639 3447 2, or visit glitzpartybkk.com.

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Pinata Party Store

If you do decide to organise your little one’s birthday yourself, buying the right items and accessories for a themed party need not be difficult. Whether you’re looking to go dinosaur, unicorn, mermaid, princess, or animal-themed, or you’re shopping for both toddlers and adults, you’ll be able to buy all the party paraphernalia at Pinata Party Store. Visit them online ahead of time and have a peek through all they have to offer; from tableware to piñatas, masks, balloons, and more. A party isn’t a party until you have the props, so once you’ve got that down you know you’re more than halfway to the finish line!

To find out more, call 0 2259 7067, or visit the official Facebook Page.

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The Neilson Hays Library

Since the magnificent restoration of the Neilson Hays Library (Bangkok’s oldest English library), the venue has become a highly sought-after spot for bookings of all kinds of fabulous events, festivals, and even weddings. With a large outdoor area shaded by tall beautiful trees — perfect for all sorts of birthday games and possibly a pinata – organising a birthday party at a library might not be such a strange idea after all. Add to that a garden café, plus a high-ceiling interior, with not just books but also ample floor space.
With regular readings on weekends by professional storytellers, your little one’s birthday party might even coincide with some cheerful book readings to get the kids in the mood. Clearly, this is no ordinary library! As for catering, Neilson Hays offers kid-friendly options cooked up at the nearby British Club, but bringing your own birthday cake is advised.

To find out more, call 0 2233 1731, or visit neilsonhayslibrary.org.

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Hobby Cake

For every kid’s dream birthday cake, be it unicorn-shaped, Doraemon-themed, dinosaur-inspired, or made to look like mummy’s makeup bag, Hobby Cake is a fabulous choice for the day’s most important dessert. And these cakes won’t just look great at the party – they’ll do pretty well in terms of photo likes too when you start posting pics. Select any one of the eye-popping designs from Hobby Cake’s gallery, or share with them a picture that best describes your cake design and they can tailor-make it for you. For these cake artisans to truly create something phenomenal, be sure to give them at least three to four days advance notice.

To find out more, call 08 1317 3407, or visit hobbycake.com.

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