Abraham Viktor

Abraham Viktor

Co-Founder and CEO of Hangry

Abraham Viktor, the co-founder and CEO of Hangry, is far from a newcomer in the technology business. Previously, this serial entrepreneur is co-founded and became CEO of Taralite, a financial technology company that focuses on People-to-People (P2P) lending and was later acquired by OVO. After the merger, though, he struggled with trying to reconcile his personal aspirations and daily work with the company. “I wanted to be a better entrepreneur and leader,” he says.

So, he decided to part ways and, together with Robin Tan and Andreas Resha, Viktor went on to establish, the first multi-brand virtual restaurant in Indonesia. Hangry would grow into the home of in-house brands such as San Gyu, Moon Chicken, Dari Pada, Nasi Ayam Bude Sari, and Ayam Koplo. “I’m a huge foodie,” Viktor exclaims. “On the other hand, food is an industry where the sky is the limit. We decided to do the delivery-only model because we don’t sell ambiance like regular restaurants, but we offer a wholehearted experience.”

Hangry currently has 24 outlets across Jakarta and serves more than more than 15,000 portions per day. Viktor, however, looks to expand nationally and have 150 outlets by the end of 2021. “We are aiming to become a global brand,” he states. “But before reaching there, we have to win the local market.”


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