Adrian Khalif

Adrian Khalif


For followers of Indonesia’s hip hop and RnB scene, Adrian Khalif is a familiar name. His rise to stardom started three years ago with a song, “Made in Jakarta,” in collaboration with Dipha Barus that has gained over 1,5 million streams. Today, Khalif has several albums, EPs, a ton of singles and various awards, including the AMI Award for Best Hip Hop Production for the aforementioned “Made in Jakarta.”

“That song with Dipha Barus really kickstarted everything. I had a dream before of being a solo artist, but I just hadn’t found my break in the industry,” Khalif recalls. “I was really reluctant to release a song that wasn’t perfect to begin with. And the most perfect, at that time, was ‘Made in Jakarta.’” Khalif’s musicality was shaped by the hip hop and RnB scene of New York – where he was born and grew up. His ultimate inspiration? The one and only Kanye West. His latest album, “Embrace, Embrace,” was inspired by his life experiences. “It’s 70-percent inspired by my life story,” the rapper elaborates. “There’s happy-go-lucky love, heart break, songs about sex – a mixture of feelings, basically. I’ve always been honest and, especially for my song writing, it’s based on my experiences.”

So, what’s next for Adrian Khalif? “Hopefully next year after we are not under so many restrictions, I can produce an album and do actual gigs again,” he replies. “But honestly, the positive side is that I’ve been at home more than I was before and I’m just glad I get to spend more time with my family and connect with my son.”


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