Alva Susilo

Alva Susilo

Celebrity Fashion Stylist and Business Development Manager at Nimbly Technologies

Alva Susilo leads a double life. He’s a well-known celebrity fashion stylist and at the same time, a business development manager for technology company Nimbly Technologies. For the former, he handles most challenges simply by just doing it and just believing in himself. “Coming from a very small town where fashion is not even a thing, I would say that working with international designers for my clients for big events such as Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, the ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Premiere and so on are the most memorable things in my life,” Susilo recalls.

Speaking about life, he tries to always remember every single day the important lessons from his parents.“My parents taught me how to be a good person, and it matters more over any achievement I ever had,” says Susilo. “They are very important to me and I always keep in touch with them who live far away.” This really hits home, especially with the current situation right now. The world as we know it has changed due to the coronavirus pandemic, and not for the better. “Staying positive is not easy during these times, but I always try to pause and reflect on what I can see right in front of my eyes,” explains Susilo. “I feel that there’s nothing certain for now, but that is okay as long as we have ourselves altogether. So, for me, it’s really important to practice self-love and taking good care of yourselves, because that’s the best thing you can really do during these hard times.”


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