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Amanda Rawles

Amanda Rawles


Young actress Amanda Rawles knows how social media can make or break a career. Driven in no small part by her YouTube channel and later on her Instagram account, offers for film roles poured in for the Jakarta-born actress. Maintaining her social media presence, then, naturally became one of her main tasks, whether it’s gathering insight, engaging fans, or working on projects. Sometimes it can become quite overwhelming. Fortunately, Amanda has become quite adept at controlling her social media usage and how to be mindful about the whole thing. To that end, she always takes a bit of time between projects for her family, her loved ones and – most importantly – herself.

All that being said, being a well-known actress with millions of followers on Instagram comes with its own set of challenges. On that note, Amanda takes in every bit of criticism – both good and bad – but she tries not to take anything personally. It’s all about her self-growth and the growth of her career. In other words, Amanda always looks at the bright side.

To keep herself anchored and in control, Amanda tries to maintain a daily routine that includes meditation, even if it’s just 15 minutes. That and working out is what she does to de-stress after a long day of hard work. This is particularly important, naturally, during this pandemic. “I’m taking this time for myself, to learn more about myself, find new hobbies and spending more time with people I love and appreciate what I have and cherish them,” she shares. Amanda Rawles’ ultimate goal is pretty simple: She just wants to become a better person, keep on creating, and bringing about good change to the people around her.