Angel Pieters

Angel Pieters


As it is today, most musicians can’t perform live or go on tour, but they still can create music. For talented young singer Angel Pieters, the coronavirus pandemic is more than just a disaster. It’s a chance to learn new things and learn about herself. “For me, it was hard at the beginning. Singing, for me, is like breathing. And the fact that suddenly it has to stop, gave me mild anxiety attack sometimes,” she admits. “But, then again, I try to see good in everything. I’m grateful that in the pandemic, I can learn something new. I can learn about myself. I can explore new things. I can learn about my capabilities and limits. I used to be so busy before the pandemic and forgot about all these things.”

All in all, the pandemic also made her realise the value of being healthy and how there’s always a positive side to everything. “You stay positive by being grateful; that’s the easiest way,” Pieters observes. “As clichéd as it sounds, it’s true: you just have to be grateful. There’s one quote that I really like that says: ‘a grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.’ And I think, that is what is happening to me during this global pandemic. Right now, you have no control over things, so just surrender and hope for the best. When I try to be grateful, when I try to not to stress out over things, I experience a lot of miracles in my life.”


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