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Daniel Mananta

Presenter and Entrepreneur

When people think about Daniel Mananta, the word presenter is the first thing that comes to mind. “I think it’s the fruit of consistency that my parents always taught me since I was young. I started as an MTV VJ and now I’m the host of ‘Indonesian Idol,’” he says. “For me, being a presenter entails consistent work. People have certain expectations and when they get the same level of quality and commitment, it speaks of my work to other clients.”

At the peak of career as presenter, Daniel decided to open DAMN, I Love Indonesia, a local fashion brand, establishing himself as entrepreneur. He also brought his consistent work ethic to the entertainment industry, with him becoming a producer for “Susi Susanti: Love All” being a particular highlight.

Consistency yet again pops up in the way Mananta faces the pandemic. “Of course, it’s not easy. But looking at the bright side of things, we are able to re-strategize the business of Damn, I Love Indonesia. We had to close down most of the stores in Bali, Manado, Surabaya, Bandung … pretty much in the other shopping malls,” he elaborates. “Currently, we have two offline stores at Grand Indonesia and Central Park. But we’re making it very lean and now we’re ready to open a new branch which is way bigger in Gandaria City to mark our 12th anniversary.” Then he adds: “This pandemic might beat us, but then you have to get up.
I can’t wait to open the new version of Damn, I Love Indonesia. It’s going to be epic and stronger than ever before.”


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