Darma Mangkuluhur Hutomo

Darma Mangkuluhur Hutomo


Since an early age, Darma Mangkuluhur has made quite a name for himself. He won the 2012 Asian Open Karting Championship when he was just fourteen years old; He conceptualized and opened a successful Spanish-inspired restaurant and lounge, Boca Rica Tapas Bar & Lounge, all while balancing time between his studies in Barcelona, Spain.

Still, Hutomo felt that his most significant milestone in life was when he realized that gaining new knowledge does not only happen within the four walls of a classroom. The turbulent changes brought about by the global pandemic naturally presented challenges for Hutomo. But aside from welcoming the extra pressure that keeps him on his toes, he has also come forward to encourage people to buy local products and ensure the survival of small and medium-sized enterprises. “We must keep innovating, move forward and learn from our mistakes,” Hutomo intones, “never settle for less and encourage being a risk taker.”

In short, he hoped to see Indonesian young minds to be more open minded and proactive, including in taking on risks. He want to see more brilliant young Indonesian minds paving the way for future advances rather than reacting to changes pushed from abroad. “Having the right infrastructure that educates and inspires minds to innovate, to think outside the box rather than relying on memorization and doing things because one is told to do
so,” Hutomo concluded “That’s the Indonesia I hope to see in the future.” That is the Indonesia he will fight for.


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