David Tjahjadi

David Tjahjadi

Co-Founder and Lead Explorer of Tomo Indonesia

David Tjahjadi is a man on a mission. First of all, he’s the co-founder and lead explorer of Tomo Indonesia, an innovation-centred product company with one goal in mind: to make the lives of urban commuters better through science and design. The company focuses on creating smart products to improve health, in particular via the Tomo Lifemask V3, which was worn by President Jokowi during the People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) annual session at the House of Representatives compound in Jakarta.

Aside to that, he also co-founded Conture Concrete Lab, a product design company comprised of a group of researchers and makers that transform concepts into reality through, again, science and design. This includes coming up with new finishes, material combinations and design forms that continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible using concrete. Tjahjadi mentions that he always tries to create something that’s long-lasting and full of integrity, thanks to his parents’ teachings. “They taught me to take things step by step, one day at the time, and really grow things organically,” he shares.

“Grow your business in a way that’s full of integrity, do your business in a disciplined manner, and make sure that you can persevere to create a legacy that could last 10, 20 years or even more.” With that being said, it is certainly clear that we’re still far away from seeing the final chapters of Tjahjadi’s career in this country.


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