Edgar Honggo

Edgar Honggo

Founder of Parama Creative Space

Edgar Honggo started Parama Creative Space in 2017 immediately after he returned to Indonesia, leaving his marketing job in a private bank in Tokyo, Japan, after seven years working there. Parama covers a space of 5,000 sqm that used to be a metal factory and now turned into an event space and film studio by him and his partners. It was a project that many called illogical, but they pressed on after careful research and with faith that the creative industry in Indonesia is only going to get bigger.

Honggo’s experience in Japan allowed him to immerse himself in a world where hospitality, aesthetics, attention to detail and being sustainable blend into one. His upbringing also made him appreciate human interaction and emotions. Those qualities proved to be handy when it comes to his creative and hospitality business.

“I need to create an emotional attachment, especially when it comes to design and hospitality,” he elaborates. “Technology could do it, but it isn’t as genuine as being hands on. The process will take time and energy, but I will be proud of it and it would take a long time for me and people to forget about the project. “I am a creative person doing business, and in doing business, fluidity is essential. Adopting new technology that becomes available is one element; however, the most important thing is to spot opportunities, show some guts, rationalize, and be ready to execute when necessary.”


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