Eugenio Hendro

Eugenio Hendro


“As a designer, I used to read the rhythm of style, trends, market demands, and technology development,” said Eugenio Hendro, product designer and founder of the design studio that bears his name. “I saw it as a tool to humanise people. I couldn’t deny that working in the industry that relies a lot on the market, we have to always evolve and adapt to constant change – especially when it comes to the millennials, who that will become the economy rollers of the future.”

Adaptation for Eugenio, who holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial design from Bandung Institute of Technology, is the key to moving forward. “Every day in the studio we use technology for design work, from sketching to 3D printing for furniture models,” he elaborates. “What we are trying to infuse is how to change the market, slowly, towards a circular economy by introducing the basic values of the products, including quality and sustainability.”

When the pandemic hit and things changed for the worst, Eugenio says he wasn’t that surprised. “We are used to reading the data and analysing people’s behaviour. But what amazed me is, again, how fast technology grew in less than a year,” he exclaims. “On the other hand, I also happy to see how perspectives have changed thanks to new media, and it affects to how we work. I think, that’s the real purpose of a product designer: becoming the answer to human needs.”


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