Felicia Kawilarang

Felicia Kawilarang

Vice President of Marketing Communications at Halodoc

For Felicia Kawilarang, the Vice President of Marketing Communications at Halodoc, her career in the healthcare company is one of her biggest milestones to date. It has always been a passion for her to help people. “Before, I had a job because I had to have a job,” she explains. “But with Halodoc it doesn’t feel like work because I enjoy it. Besides the work itself, I get to help a lot of people.

All the work that I do, all the overtime, it feels rewarding.” Halodoc is a healthcare network platform that connects users to more than 20,000 licensed doctors and 1,500 certified partner pharmacies, medical delivery services and licensed medical laboratory services. A few months ago, the app has introduced a new feature: Mental Health. It goes without saying that the current state of the nation has taken its toll on the general public’s mental wellbeing. Constant uncertainty tends to intensify feelings of anxiety, which is then compounded by problems at work and the lack of social interaction. Currently the Halodoc platform has around 700 psychiatrist and clinical psychologist on board to talk to people who need online consultation.

One positive thing about quarantine that she experienced is that she is able spent more time with her family. “Both me and my husband were usually out of town quite often, we have a lot of work, meeting investors outside Jakarta as well,” Kawilarang says. “Now we have more family time.”


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