Garu Nauman

Garu Nauman


Back in 2011, Garu Nauman started an architecture firm that designed hotels, apartments, commercial buildings and residences. Now, he runs a successful property developer in Jakarta called Landmark Developers.

Part of Nauman’s success comes from his parents’ teachings. From his father, he learned how to be authentic while his mother taught him to be sociable. Eventually, he also learned the importance of good work and life balance. “If you get your house in order, you can overcome almost any adversity outside,” said the architect. With the turbulent changes that world is going through at the moment, Nauman looked into the core of what he wanted to do and why. Together with his brother, who is also his business partner, he has worked harder than ever before in order to succeed – especially since a lot of people rely on them. Their team has grown close like a family and everyone has been putting in their 110-percent since the start of the pandemic.

Today, Nauman focuses on staying positive while maintaining his mental and physical wellbeing as he aims to create better quality and affordable residences for Indonesia’s mid- to low- income market. In other words, Nauman aims to ensure better quality of life for the inhabitants of the residence projects he designs.


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