Ilma Rineta

Ilma Rineta


Ilma Rineta is the the founder of UME Asia, which makes luxury scented candles and oil. Growing a business like this at the height of the digital era where social media and e-commerce reigns can be a unique venture. “I always see new advances and trends as opportunities
to grow,” she points out. “Technological advancements should help us achieve our goals, especially for my business. Social media and e-commerce play an important part in allowing us to reach new clients and promote our products.”

Then she adds: “I also believe in the importance of originality and creativity. As long as we can present a great concept, output and branding, that would create a big impact.” All that being said, Rineta mentions that her biggest milestones are “having wonderful four children and gaining support from my husband to paint my dreams in having a business.” Juggling between family and work has taught her a lot. “I am a learning-by-doing type of person,” she elaborates. “I believe that we can overcome any difficulty and challenge as long as we can stay positive and learn from our past mistakes.” Having good time management is another key to maintaining that balance.

“Family life is always in my priority, especially with small children in this pandemic situation. Their health, safety and their education are my absolute priorities,” Rineta concludes. “Usually, travelling is my go-to stress reliever. But now, cosy quality time with family at home is more than enough.”


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