James Prananto

James Prananto

COO and co-founder of Kopi Kenangan

Indonesia is the fourth largest coffee producer in the world, probably the largest in Asia, and the people have developed quite a powerful coffee culture. But the nation doesn’t have its own big coffee chain yet. Enter James Prananto, COO and co-founder of Kopi Kenangan, arguably the fastest growing local coffee chain in Indonesia Kopi Kenangan made its debut three years ago. Prananto established the chain together with Edward Tirtanata and Cynthia Chaerunnisa. They opened their first shop in South Jakarta. On the first day, the shop sold only 700 cups.

But fast forward three years, and Kopi Kenangan now has around 370 shops all over Indonesia. The chain has also secured USD20 million in a series B financing round from Sequoia India. Interestingly, one of the biggest selling points of Kopi Kenangan is the chain’s cheeky way of naming its coffee’s creations. For instance, one of its bestsellers is Es Kopi Kenangan Mantan, which literally means iced coffee (with) memories of an ex-lover. This approach proved an instant hit among Kopi Kenangan’s millennial consumer base.

Another huge difference from other local coffee chains, as Prananto explained it, is that Kopi Kenangan hasn’t franchised itself out. “Kopi Kenangan is self-owned, self-operated,” he elaborates. “We handle everything and we invest in every single branch we have. This is our way to have our own quality control and ensure the highest standards possible for our outlets.”


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